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Originally Posted by Eth76 View Post
I want to be a Father at some point, and she has made it clear that it will not be with her, and yet she does not want to let me go. Its selfish and I cannot see anyway back from that.
Has she explained her reasoning? Why does she want to go back on her word to you? What is the logic they are using to defend the position that any new siblings of Harry's must be fathered by Alex and not you? Just that they don't want a half-sibling? That is lame. Or is it that they want this one to be his offspring and the next one yours? And why was their choice reached by only them? Why do they think it is okay to leave you out of the decision-making process? You mentioned that Alex is more of a dominant sexual partner to her - is he actually her Dom in a D/s situation? If so, is he inappropriately telling her what to do under the guise of being her Dom?

It would be good to get her side of the story. Have you asked her to come here to read this thread and post?
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