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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I don't like the word either. It doesn't even make sense. "Meta" means "about." Your "about-lover?" wtf.
The prefix meta- has several meanings. I usually think of it as "beyond" or something like "all encompassing," as in metaphysics, metamathematics, metalinguistics, metagalaxy, etc.

But it also means "between" or "behind," "next to," "alongside," or "together with" as in as in metacarpal, metatarsal, and metadata, OR "change" as in metamorphosis, metabolism, metastasis, and metaphor.

It is only recently that the prefix has sort of evolved to mean not "about," but really "about itself," as when a word describes something that is self-referential, like metacognition, the act of thinking about how we think, and meta-learning, when we learn about learning.

It's a pretty flexible prefix and it seems that, linguistically, it has been used in a number of different word trends through the years.

I think the word "metamour" is perfectly appropriate because it refers to someone who is alongside, or next to, a loved one. It could even mean "beyond" here. Whenever I fantasize about having a metamour, in my mind I picture my fantasy lover next to me and the metamour standing on the other side of him, just beyond him. Metamours are sort of like satellites or moons orbiting a celestial body, so they do have a kind of relationship to each other, in that they have one person in common that they both love.
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