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I've been chatting with Hank today. We had made plans earlier to meet up in a couple of weeks when he's coming to Dream City for the weekend. Now we made some more specific plans for the weekend. It's quite an interesting situation. Gemma is having a party then and she hasn't invited me. That is totally understandable, we haven't spent that much time together one-on-one. She has invited both Evan and Hank though and apparently people are allowed to invite other people, so Hank just invited me. I don't know if Evan was going to invite me as well since I haven't talked to him about this party much, he just mentioned in passing some time ago that Gemma was planning to have one. Apparently Casper and Felix are coming as well. Me and Hank just made plans to meet up before the party, hang out a bit just the two of us and then go to the party together. I'm pretty sure Evan is going as well, so we'll probably meet him there. Since Felix and Hank don't live in Dream City and me and Evan don't have the opportunity to see them that often, I think me and Evan will be concentrating on the non-local people more than each other. It will be nice though - Evan will have 3 out of 4 of his people there and I'll have 2 out of 3. With "his people" I mean the people he's interested in. I still don't know what the deal is between him and Gemma or him and Felix. Let alone me and Hank, we've never spent time one-on-one before, so at this stage I can only say that I'm interested in him, he seems cool, is attractive and a good kisser. So we'll see what happens!

Oh and also, I get to finally meet Dena in a couple of days. Me, rory, Evan and Dena are all attending a queer event. I'm really excited about that!
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