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SC , i'm surprised at you. Don't you have a degree in chemistry? Ortho- meta- para- ? Think of the configuration of "meta". Makes perfect sense!

For those of you who did not take organic chemistry or don't remember anything from it, this refers to the positioning of functional groups on a benzene ring system. There are six carbons; if groups are on adjacent carbons, the positioning is referred to as "ortho", if the groups are attached to two carbons with a "empty" carbon between them, it is referred to as "meta" and if they are positioned diametrically across from each other it is then called "para".

In the case of a poly V, the carbon without the functional group on it is like the point of the V, and the two carbons on either side of it bearing the functional groups "meta" to each other are like the two significant-others of the V.
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