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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I know what it means. She exists, but she doesn't mean anything to me. I'm not putting a title on that. It's a nonexistent relationship, acquaintance deal, or even friendship. It's nothing. She's just the other person. This isn't a Vee because I'm not even treating it like one, so metamour doesn't feel like it fits. She's not part of my family. I'm sorry. It's just not happening. No amount of time away or there will make me see that any differently.
I can accept that. "Metamour" is a label. I don't like labels to begin with, and I especially don't like them when people force them down someone else's throat.

I don't like the word either. It doesn't even make sense. "Meta" means "about." Your "about-lover?" wtf.

And Matt has a point. As we use it, "metamour" describes a type of relationship. Having a relationship requires two people to interact in some way. If Matt is refusing any and all interaction with Snowflake, then they do not have a relationship. Kevin Bacon has taught us that every person is "related" to every other person in some way, that doesn't mean Kevin Bacon and I "have a relationship."
I don't need labels to define me. They're sticky and I hate the glue they leave behind.
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