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Do you mean they offered up a "give up your freedom" relationship and you agreed, and now it's freaking you out? Or is this a different couple than the one you're with?

I mean... I understand BDSM well enough to know there actually ARE people who enter relationships with the understanding of giving up any and all freedoms and opinions in the relationship, and their joy and fulfillment comes from serving and pleasing their Master(s). I just don't see that as Unicorns and Unicorn Hunters. It's BDSM. It's Master/slave, not Hunter/Unicorn. If you told your average Unicorn Hunter couple that what they want is part of this kinky fetish stuff that's also associated with things like leather, whips, and chains... they would be all like "WHAT?!? NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT WE MEAN!!" with a big indignant "How dare you?!"

The Unicorn Hunter will try to pretend that they're looking for an "equal" to "join" their relationship, not a submissive over which to Dominate.
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