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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
....So, for instance, if you were coming out to your family - you could recommend that they watch the show and then say "our situation is similar to the family where the woman lives with her husband and boyfriend." Good poly PR for the monogamist majority.

I don't know that anyone would watch the show and go - "THAT is what I want, why didn't I think of it before"...(but I could be wrong) - it's not a recruitment video...
Definitely agree that it's good PR.
And while you're right, it's not a recruitment thing, I certainly hope there will be some people out there who see this and go "You know, I've always felt this need to love more than one person too. I need to think long and hard about this concept."
So absolutely this was a good show for provoking thought and discourse!

Just Rob now. That's all. .

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