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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
Here's one. My wife and I started out our great poly adventure dating independently of one another, and we continue that way. I'm not sure either of us would be especially interested in or comfortable with a unicorn, the way such creatures are usually described ("add someone special", etc. >gag!<)

At least, if we ever did come across a unicorn, we'd want to make darned sure - as I read somewhere once - it's not just a donkey with a plunger on its head.
Just to reiterate, unicorn does not mean just anyone who would join a triad with you and your wife. More than anything, it refers more to the hunters than the unicorns. In order for a unicorn to fall into your lap, you would have to be a unicorn hunter. That is, you would have to be planning to put limits on your girlfriend's life and potential relationships, dictate the boundaries of your relationship to her rather than discuss or negotiate them, and require that she basically be your sex slave. Someone like that cannot fall into your lap unless you go out with those expectations.
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