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Originally Posted by 50ShadesOfRed View Post
This almost perfectly describes the relationship I'm currently in.
We exist...but we don't stay single long.
Would you be willing to describe your relationship? Specifically, which part of "almost" is not included?

The reason is that I basically don't believe you, no offence. Obviously I'm just some chick on the internet and you have nothing to prove to me. But I simply can't fathom how someone could be in a relationship and willingly give up any and all say in how they fit into that relationship. And yet, you're claiming that this is what you are doing (unless that's the part excluded by "almost.")

Your nickname and presence at a fetish party imply you're into BDSM, it's possible that you're their submissive. So perhaps you've consciously and willingly given up your say in how you fit in the relationship, decided to put their needs above your own because they're your Masters, and allow your sexuality to be restricted.

Hmm... So I guess that would mean that unicorns do exist, but they're all 24/7 submissives. Yet even then, all the [emotionally stable] submissives I've ever met do have an open dialogue with their Dominants regarding their personal growth, limits, and boundaries.
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