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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Would it have helped or been kind if you were called a liar ? Come on 6 introspection ... I dont know ???????
In this specific instance it was truly a case of not knowing that bi was an option. I was actually annoyed with a couple of my close friends when I told them and their response was, "Well, DUH!" My response to them was, "Well how come nobody told me?!" I sort of knew about gay and lesbian, though I didn't personally know anyone who was openly gay. I went to high school in a very conservative, sheltered, rural area, what can I say? I knew I wasn't gay, and I didn't know bi was a possibility, so I stuck with straight. Hell, years later I mostly stick with straight. I find women sexy as hell and I'm open to a relationship with a woman, but for some reason for me relationships with guys tend to work better in the long run, and it's not like I personally NEED a relationship with a woman to be happy/content. But that's just me. *shrug*

That could sound indecisive....and just putting off the inevitable. Particularly miserable ? ...why be even slightly miserable.
It was college. Of course I was going to be miserable now and again! I mean, once I realized bi was an option and the light went on, I definitely kept an eye out. But there was a LOT of "new" in college for me, and I don't see anything wrong with taking time to sort out what I did and didn't want. I'm not of the opinion that you have to personally experiment with a bunch of different things to find out what doesn't work for you. That's around the same time that I figured out that I wasn't going to put up with jealous behavior either. I may not have known the word "poly", but I knew I wasn't going to stay in a relationship where someone treated me like an object or possession or thought they had the right to tell me what to do. And considering I met MC in college and we're still together 15+ years later, no, I certainly don't consider any of that time I spent figuring things out wasted!
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