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Thank you fuchka and Annabel!


I visited Home Country recently. The trip was quite an emotional rollercoaster, some sad times and some happy times. The sad times were related to other people's situations, so won't get into them here. But overall it went quite well. I met up with both JJ and Bob during the trip. I'm happy that me and JJ have managed to stay really good friends. We still keep in touch at least once a week, usually more than that. I love hearing how he's doing and what's happening in his life. He seems happy for me when I talk about all the good things happening in my life. I'm grateful for his presence in my life, grateful that I didn't lose him when we broke up. He still is an amazing person and I care about him a lot.

Meeting Bob was interesting. That man has always had the ability to make me confused and this time was no exception. We met for lunch and I only had an hour before I needed to go somewhere else. In that time he managed to make a joke that made me question whether he has changed his mind about what he wants from me. Well, that doesn't really matter right now since we only see each other every few months when I visit Home Country. But anyway, it was really nice to see him.
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