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She's definitely pushing me right to my limits, and in the past, she has begrudgingly backed off her demands, and at least in the little amount of time I saw her yesterday she had greatly backed off the screaming, out-of-control rage. In the past, she would have argued with me ad naseum after that conversation last night, but last night she seemed to realize that I was not going to waiver, and probably did the crying bit as a tactic to see if I would fold.

In the past few days I've spent a lot of time getting our finances separated on paper (who pays what, who gets what, etc.) and working out a child custody plan. Just doing that has seemingly buoyed my spirits, and I feel stronger and freer because of it. I think W has picked up on the fact that I won't be bullied into anything anymore, and she knows I'm serious about asking her to leave.

Time will tell, though.
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