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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
How does the childcare make things impossible? Lack of funds for daycare?

On the divorce front -- glad to hear you are moving it forward then. It's not fun, but you do have the right to seek romance shapes that you can be happy in and you do not sound happy in this arrangement any more and nothing about it is willing to bend so... cannot be in it.

No it's not a question of funds, finance is not a problem for any of us.The problem is that when I'm not there, Harry goes into one! He gets very upset, and he was one very pissed off little boy when I picked him up the other day.

Over the last two years we have spent a lot of time together. I have a lot of free time because I have my own business, and do not have set work hours, unlike my wife and Alex. I have actually spent more time with Harry then they have.

As much as I would like a clean break, It would not be fair on Harry. I love him and have to see him, and he has to see me!

Your right, its not fun. I do love my wife, and its tough to have her crying on the phone all the time, but she will be fine once she gets used to the idea.
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