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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Metamour. I hate that bloody word.
Out of curiosity, why do you hate the word? It just means your partner's partner. It has nothing to do with sleeping with someone (I'd venture a guess that most metamours NEVER sleep together). I mean, it's not the greatest made-up word ever, but then neither is "polyamory". Mixing Greek and Latin roots!!

As for the rest of it, it certainly seems like your time alone been used well. The way you write now, it seems much calmer and matter-of-fact. Yes, if you have been saying it over time but you weren't listened to, that isn't lying to yourself. I'm sorry it reached a point where you felt your only or best option was to leave (for now, anyway), but if your wife was not listening to you or giving your relationship what you felt it needed, then I can certainly understand you feeling backed into a corner and lashing out. I hope you guys are able to work together to find some sort of peaceable resolution.
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