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so far on the same boat, she keeps feeling left out of little things that i for one have been left out on before and do not see the big issue. its times like yesterday when she walked out the house because we didnt wait to do something with her that make me feel like shes just seeking more attention, i felt truly embarrased because my friend was over and my girlfriend got upset said me and our boyfriend are inconsiderate then walked out the door. Its like nothing is ever okay, she later came back and said she wasnt mad she just needed a walk and that she just feels like she cant express herself when we are always listening to her and asking her to open up but if shes always walking out then how is she supposed to say how she feels? and also she explained how she still thinks about things and the past and that she wants to be here but she dont know how to stop thinking about other things that happened, and i just keep saying it wont work it you dont let go and you obviously not letting go, and its uncomfortable for me because i openeed up my life my heart and my home to you and your just throwing dirt on my emotions are just wanting us to focus on yours, there are alot of things i think about but i dont bombared her with them because it just dampers peoples moods and i feel like she needs to learn that. my patience is running thin, as well as my boyfriends, more mine than his because he loves her more than me im in the process of getting to know her more and this is all she does. how can someone fall for someone if they dont let them in if all they do is aggrivate the situation instead of just embracing it 100%? everyone i know is telling me to leave, yet they understand that its hard to walk away from the one you love especially after all youve done for them.....i dont want to imagine a life without my boyfriend and neither does he, but right now its starting to look like a happier life because if she still has jealousy issues with me or sharing issues or just selfish thoughts about this whole thing than i need to reconsider who i lay my head to rest with every night.....just updating you guys sorry i keep on rambling all the time i just dont know who else would truly understand a polyamorous relationship but people who expirienced it first hand.
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