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Originally Posted by ConfusedBryan View Post
Boringguy you said it. Thanks. I am going into this to try to fix our felationship, not see if I like being with someone else. I hope my wife has the same goal in mind. I have read other posts on here when I searched under affair and a couple of them I could really identify with. This site has been really helpful for me to come to a place in myself that I can continue to move forward.

That's just it, it doesn't sound like your wife is doing it for the same reason you are. It sounds like she wants to keep you around in case it doesn't work out with the other person, and she has you buying into that. Seeing other people to fix one relationship IS lying to yourself; it does not work that way. Explain to me why you think it should work that way. Seeing other people so that YOU can "see" other PEOPLE - without expecting it to be a tool for some agenda - is more along the lines of what i consider to be realistic and considerate of the outside individuals.

Make sure you tell whoever you date that you are really hoping to patch things up and get back together with your wife, and that they are just a diversion so that you can be sure that's what you really want. Let us know how that goes.
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