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Default Hello!

Hello everybody,

I'm brand new to poly. I recently started seeing a couple and, while I adore them both, I have lots of questions and insecurities. I'm hoping to find friends and maybe even some answers here. Mostly, I just want to be sure that my feelings are normal and that I'm not alone. I'd like to learn more so I can understand this lifestyle better and, in the long run, be a better partner.

A bit more about my relationship is with a couple in an open marriage. They have been poly since they were married and She has poly experience for before their marriage. They are very open and have a sort-of "anything goes" policy with veto rights over who the other chooses to see. They both chose me and I consider myself to be dating them both. There is also a D/s dynamic. I am their submissive. I am allowed to have friends and date outside of the relationship, as long as the person is approved by them.
My problem is that I get insecure, not that they are seeing other people, but that they are making time to be with these other people specifically. My time with them, outside of sleeping/playing, is always spent with other people around. I never get them to myself for "normal" activities (dates and whatnot). I know that's selfish, but I can't get over it. The oddest part is that after the initial freak out over being told about another date someone's going on, I'll sleep on it and be fine the next day. I feel like a nutcase somedays and a jerk for running them through this crap.

I'll cut it off here to keep from posting way too much for an introduction.

I'm pretty open and love talking to new people, but am very shy when it comes to initiating contact. So, please, once I get a bit more info filled out here, if you're interested in chatting, say hello.

Thank you.

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