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Default update

A month and a half after our last suckfest of an encounter (see above about neighbor's party) and more than two and a half months after our breakup, I tried texting ex-lover, hoping to extend an olive branch. I asked how she was, tried to put out feelers about friendship/rejoining my trivia team that I dropped out of because she was on it.

I was met with hostility. I tried, again, explaining why I had gotten so upset, and apologized for hurting her. Her last words to me were "Do what you want. I don't hate you. I'm not hostile. You have induced apathy. I just don't care."

Ouch. I sort of suspect if she was truly apathetic, she would have been nice. I think she chose those words to hurt me. Guess we will NOT be friends anytime soon. Sigh.
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