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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post

What I did say...and what I actually meant by it:
I do assume LR has both made the transition to become a parent, and also understands what I did say... although I must confess to be a little confused about the metaphor.

Juggling baby geese is one thing...but Iím not so sure about juggling kids...and even less so if they were lit on fire first. I canít get mine to sit still long enough for pictures. Itís all just making for weird mental images.

Becoming a parent is one of those experiences capable of such change.
Similar to puberty, it can involve not only physical changes, but psychological, and physiological changes. There are chemical and hormonal devices to bond children to their parents, particularly the mothers. These devices, these bonds are natural, instinctual, base, a product of our evolution, and they sometimes defy the rational mind. Yes, parents can be a little crazyÖespecially the mothers. There is a reason you donít mess with a bear cub in the mountains...because Mother Bear is a force of nature not to be trifled with, and fundamentally humans donít differ a huge amount in this respect.

However, I would bet that if you became a parent, Öactive, raising the kid in your home 24/7 parent, something about the way you make decisions will change. SeriouslyÖif you make it to the kidís 5th birthday, do your soul searching, and canít find any decision youíve made as a mother that you wouldnít have made, or evaluated differently when you were not a mother, Iíll buy you dinner.
DAMN! No dinner for me.

My point was that life is a game of juggling our responsibilities and priorities, but when you also have kids every decision you make becomes significantly more dangerous (like juggling burning objects).
(My kids won't sit still for pictures either and one is already technically an adult!)
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