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For what is worth, I didn't think her response was all that prickly and defensive. I was hoping she could take the answers in the spirit that they were offered (and asked for). But that response sounds to me like a little kid who says, 'HAY GUYZ, look at this cool new shiny I know how to do?' 'oh, but do you have any tips so I do it shinier?' And we all pointed out, from our own experience and wisdom (okay, not me, but you guys) how her shiny is not all that shiny, really it's a dime a dozen and oh by the way, here's how to do it better.

So, atxcouple76, I hope that was sincere disappointment, and not snarky stuff. I do hope that you are able to hear that the folks who took the time to spill their hearts to you, were actually spilling their hearts. They WANT you to have happiness. And you did ask. It's often hard to hear the answers, especially when they so very different than what we thought they might be.

And after all that, I'm fond of this article for an explanation, too.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
Robert A. Heinlein

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