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Re: the article ... it didn't give very many examples of what is meant by this "deception." I think it's possible to say, "I'm upset right now and there's things we need to talk about, but I still want you to know that I love you and am committed to you." That can be a very honest thing to say, while still not pretending that you're A-O-K with everything when really you're not.

As for giving compliments when you really don't think something looks good, I wouldn't suggest lying, more along the lines of looking for some relatively diplomatic way to say it, such as, "Nah, I liked your other hairstyle better," or, "Well what about this other pair of pants?" Your partner might not be thrilled to hear stuff like that, but hopefully it's not the end of the world. If it is, then maybe they might want to not so much ask your opinion and more just use the mirror and make their own assessment? It's not very logical to ask someone's opinion when there's only one "opinion" you *really* want to hear. But I realize people don't always act logical.

I guess some little white lies are harmless enough, but I'm not comfortable completely advocating them.
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