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MrS DVR'd it for me and Dude and I just got done watching it.

I didn't the see "Married and Dating" show on Showtime so I don't have that to compare it to (my understanding from reading here was that the Married and Dating show focused on attractive people having group sex - which is not something that I am opposed to, but isn't really the point.)

I thought that this show was very tasteful and a good introduction of the concept intended for an audience that is on the outside looking in. So, for instance, if you were coming out to your family - you could recommend that they watch the show and then say "our situation is similar to the family where the woman lives with her husband and boyfriend." Good poly PR for the monogamist majority.

I don't know that anyone would watch the show and go - "THAT is what I want, why didn't I think of it before"...(but I could be wrong) - it's not a recruitment video. In an hour long show I don't know that you can delve into all the nuances of how poly can go. So, you get a few case studies of a few families and how poly looks for them. (If you were doing a show FOR poly-leaning people, it might be more useful to show more different configurations and more detail about how they worked through different issues - which would require a series, not an episode.)

So I personally didn't learn anything from the show that I didn't already glean from my personal life or from reading these forums, but I appreciate that the rest of society has the opportunity to watch a "non-titillating" introduction to the idea that poly relationships can be happy/healthy/long-term/committed.

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