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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
My question is, what does your wife do, when does she work, and how the hell does she function to do her job competently under all these other distractions? It sounds like she's an attorney, from some of the things you said already. Don't they have to deal with you know, a lot of work? Isn't that kind of work something that requires a lot of mental focus and attention to detail? How does a mentally ill person like your wife manage to function at a level that generates a six-figure income and still be out partying for days at a time and creating a living nightmare out of their personal life? Oh, and how much sleep does she get? Have you thought of the possibility that she might be on cocaine?
She's in the medical profession. I don't want to get specific, just to say she's very good at what she does, very highly educated, and somehow functions well on little sleep. At least at work. She often says that making money is one of the few things she's good at.
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