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Default Sharing Time between Two Homes


I would like to tell a bit of my poly situation, and as well read other experiences of sharing your time between two homes. How do you manage your time? What are the reasons for having two different homes? How do you feel about your situation?

So, here is my story:

I am married to CJ, my husband of a few years now. Our relationship was non-monogamous from the very beginning. We have a nice home in a small town where my job is as well.

I have been dating Mark for a few months, we met online some time last year and were writing both emails and IM's quite a lot before our first date. Mark is mono, so I am and will be his only partner. Even though our relationship is new, it has reached some very deep levels. We spend time at his place, and it feels like home to me already, which is exactly what Mark is hoping for. He calls it "our home", and when I am there with him it feels that way to me too. This home is situated about a hundred miles away from my other home, in rural area outside another small town.

We have come to an agreement of me spending every second weekend at Mark's (of course being flexible if something special comes up with either CJ or Mark). I never thought of wanting to have this kind of situation in my life where I have to travel between two places regularly; have always had a job close to home etc. But now, as this has been shaping up, I am actually very happy about it. I love both homes and especially both men. I like having a "town life" with shops nearby etc and a "country life" in the peace and quiet of an old farm site.

Also, the distance between the homes might just be very healthy for my relationship with CJ. As I spend most of my time with him, it prevents me from totally losing myself in the NRE fog we are experiencing with Mark now. Also, as I really fell in love with the home in the country, it has made me take a better care of my home in the town as well: have had much more energy for household duties as well as more sexual energy for CJ's benefit.

So that was a short(ish) version. Will most likely be updating sooner or later.
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