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Dates with all my loved ones lined up. A sleepover with C this weekend, a sleepover with MrBrown next week, a date to have drinks with Knight next week. Lots of fun things planned with Ren. Lots of things planned with friends. A tentative date next month with BGuy.

Speaking of BGuy... That was quite the evening.. started out talking and drinking wine on his couch, which led to kissing, which led to a trip upstairs to his bedroom, where clothes were removed and lots of fun was had by all. Dragged myself home at midnight and felt delicously slutty all the next day

He seems to be ok with the 'fun but no fucking' rule, and I honestly can't see how we would've had more fun had we actually had PIV sex.

I feel tremendously calm about him.. would not care if I did not hear from him for weeks.. feel secure that he likes me and wants to see me again, and I feel the same way about him, but would not be sad or upset if things did not go that way. I think it's the most casual relationship I've ever had, and I can see myself meeting up with him once in a while when we feel like it, just enjoy each others company and bodies. I tried to explain to Ren why this feels so different from all my other relationships. I said: I don't want to spend the night with him.. I don't want to have dinner with him.. I don't want to go anywhere with him, well a bar maybe but no a movie or restaurant or hiking or a day trip or whatever.. It is just what it is and nothing more.

I keep surprising myself. It feels awesome.
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