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You're right, we all need to talk about what the plan is. When we discussed her moving in, starting to pay rent here in May, I mentioned (warned?) That living with a newborn is not easy, but that's as far as the conversation went. She is currently in a sort of 'aunt' or family friend role with the kids, its too soon for her to be a 'new parent' to them, I think. It's not at all weird for them that she is here all the time, they are used to lots of adults around, their mom had roommates, etc.. We also cosleep, with a bassinet in the room, but the newborn will be in our bed most nights, she is aware of that too. I don't think she is expecting to/wants to totally coparent, but has been very helpful with the kids thus far. I'm.sure this is all very intense for her too, she is in her early 20s and was up until now not considering a family, living a typical free-bird, partying young student lifestyle. Now, seeing G, the man she loves, with his children, she is feeling her ovaries twitching, I'm sure its very overwhelming for her. I've been there, I went through a similar experience when I myself met G, he tends to have that effect on our childless peers. I joke that if he were a superhero he would be procreation man, inspiring everyone he meets to reproduce. They always use protection, G does not want to impregnate her anytime soon, in case youre worried... Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'm also feeling a little less at sea knowing that I'm not alone and I'm not failing at poly.
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