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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
For me I have insecurities about opening up my marriage because I feel that our marriage has a lot of issues in it that need to be worked on first.
Have you sat down and figured out exactly what those issues are and what needs to be done about them? Sometimes spouses who aren't comfortable with poly will point to the issues in their marriage as a reason not to be poly- and then do absolutely nothing to fix those issues, just keeping the marriage too broken to add more people.

Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
And I am insecure about him possible trading me up? If that sounds logical?
Honestly, I don't see the logic. Why would he want to leave you for someone else if he can have both?

Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
Plus I have been married for 10 years and now all of the sudden he decides he wants another woman. it is hard not to think negatively after all those years.
Can you think of it as he's been pretty happy all those years but maybe thinking about it, and now he's either feeling secure enough to actually talk about it, or maybe he learned more about poly and suddenly sees that there's a way to have exactly what he wants?
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