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Default To all involved (and others going through similar)

The one other advise I would give to all involved here (and anyone going through anything vaguely similar).

Life, Happiness, 'Goodness' is too precious to waste.

Sure if something is over its over, and it can be difficult but address issues, and ultimately move on. (whether separate, or moving on past the issue).

But in the end all things do change, so even the 'perfect' relationship (or movie, or date, or .....) can change into something you are not happy with.

The point is try no to let: anger, dissappointment, saddness, hatred, or what ever darnkness overcome you. Sure you may say tis is a crappy way to break-up, or that was crappy, you very likely are hurt, and that is normal, but don't let that hurt overshadow potentially years of your life.

When this is done, hopefully the 'dark days' will be that blip you skip over... try to leave it so even when its over, you focus on / you remember not the 'break-up' but:

The feeling when you child took their first steps.
The look in your wife's' eye when she first held you child.
The anticipation when you asked your wife to marry you, before she answered.
The first time your wife feel asleep in your arms.

I am sure you can come up with other good memories if you can over look the current pain (some of which may even surprise you).

But agan the point is... IF (and even you still say you will try everything A-Y), it is over, then its over move on figure out how tomake everyone as happy as possible... but don't lessen yourelf because something change and deny years of your life.

I personlly have memories of Star Trek, as being the coolest, most awesome thing in the universe and don't want to lessen my younger years, by diminishing those memories... even if I am not sure you could get me to sit still for an original series episode now without staples and good glue.

Likewise IF your current 'thing' is over let it go, deal fairly and honestly but let it gone, and remember NOT the breakup, but rather all the good times.

Peace and best wishes to all of you on finding your happiness where ever it lies.
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