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Default Hope you do read this even if you dont reply.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
BoringGuy, I am responding to people. That is all. I have taken my own advice. This is my last post. Wish you all well in everything you do. Bye.

First My condolences to all three of you, this is certainly not want ANY of you wanted.

My one piece of advise which haven't directly seen others give is... you say you aren't hurting. Your own words though call that false though, " I care about my wife's feelings ..... I don't want to hurt her...." yet you know this is hurting her, so you are doing something you dont want to do, even if it is what you feel you need to do... you ARE hurting.

This hurt can and does impair your judgement. Which is the one reason folks have suggested going slow...

Personally I have gout, and when it flairs up I have seriously considered cutting my foot off. Now for most folks out there this may sound rather extreme (and I am glad I never did); however to anyone that has gout, they will tell you during a bad attack, the thought of a home amputation COULDN't hurt any worse....

Likewise right now you hurt, now it may be the foot needs to come off and the damage done is bad enough that is the best option.

The catch is make sure WHY you are cutting the foot off. Are you cutting it off because right now the pain is so bad you can't stand it, and you think the only way you ever will be happy is if it is gone... or have you (or better yet an expert) looked at it and decided the damage is so bad the foot will never be healthy again, and they only way for YOU to be healthy is if the foot is cut off.

So if it is over, its over so be it, but separate yourself a bit, and let the passion die about and think about it. Your own words do imply you have feelings for your wife, so even if not for HER sake.... do lash out and do something that in the long run will make YOU more unhappy.

All things end in life and we can not change that; what we CAN change is how the progress through life, and HOW they end. If its over after any reasonable effort, its over, but you do owe it to yourself (and the others), to try to make as much effort to see to EVERYONES (yours as well as theirs) in finding an ending that do everyone as much good as possible.
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