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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post

My sci-fi reading was predominantly "hard" sci-fi - to interest me the "advances" really had to be at least least for the time they were written. I read SF with the eye of a future scientist - and threw out any concepts that flatly contradicted "known fact" - poly didn't do that for me.

What's so interesting about what you said is how the advances had to be plausible to you. Now that we live in a period of time where tech advances are on an accelerating curve, most of the concepts I had written off (along with open relationships) in sci fi are now very plausible. NASA has started work on a warp drive, distant Earth-look-alikes probably do exist, people might just live for hundreds of years and polyamory might just be a mainstream option someday. So where I had viewed sci fi as just imaginary mostly, you saw plausibility. That made the difference. Now I see things in a much different light, it feels as though i am awake now (not sure if that makes sense to those of you who saw the possibilities early in life, but it's the best analogy I can come up with).

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