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It has been some time, since I posted. We have been doing well. Still nothing much going on, but I thought about an update

Concerning the baby-front, Sward has been to second test and it seems that the actions we took worked out and improved his results. Doesn't look as dire as before and after I got my results (today actually) we will start looking into what could be done and how. Lin hasn't been to his second test, I guess he is delaying it on purpose and doesn't want to hear the same result twice. I am leaving him be, can't do anything about it right now.

I have had my first final exam on the 2/28 and it went ok. Not as great as I hoped, but that was mainly because of an altered question. We are able to discuss the topic roughly with our examiner in advance and she changed the question I was expecting, what gave me a pause. I couldn't do anything else than write down what I had prepared and am now hoping for the best. This grade will be final and in my diploma.

I am totally stressed with all the papers I need to hand in to make it for the registration for the second final exams term in autumn. Well, more unmotivated than stressed actually, but it has to be done *sigh* I limited it to two more papers till April and hope that I will be done by then.

I met an old friend and was glad that she is still around. She has had a hard furrow to plough constantly, because she isn't happy with her life in general. Was married to a German by her father at the age of 18 (him being nearly 20 years older than her), is expected to be a devoted housewife and mother and totally stuck between the believes she has been brought up with and her own desires. She did as much as registering for teacher's studies, that's where we met. When we met again some days ago, we talked a bit; her life is still chaos and not fulfilling but she keeps on pursuing what she dreams of. Hoping that this will come true some day. It makes me sad and furious to think about it
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