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Since '08, I've been a secondary when I've dated people for any length of time. I'm a selfish person, and I'm my number one priority. When I love someone, I'll give you my heart, soul, and kidney, and while I understand people have responsibilities that are unique to their married partners or those they have kids with, if they can't fulfill my needs or treat me like a toy, I gotta go.

Yes, dates get cancelled because sometimes people have sick two year olds who have to go to the ER with an uncontrollable fever, or her husband's mother died and he needs his wife to comfort him, or his girlfriend just really needs his love and support for reasons they aren't comfortable articulating to me two months into dating.

Relationships should continually move forward and evolve. If at year three you're simply a booty call, perhaps you should reevaluate if this relationship works for you.
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