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I read your post in the Meetings and Events sections because I thought it was going to be about a general poly meetup or event in the Austin area. Having read it, I didn't reply because:

- I am not a poly woman looking to date.
- I am not half of a couple trying to open our relationship. I am already part of two couples and any further opening is a possibility for the future but not happening at this time.
- While we are trying to move to Austin, we are not currently local to you, which is what you said you wanted/were looking for.

I would say you are being far too specific about what you are looking for. You also (at least in what I've seen you post here) are not saying anything about what you bring to the table- what do you feel is awesome about yourself that should make me want to get to know you? Because frankly, being half of a couple trying poly for the first time makes you quite common around here. Maybe you're doing more to let people know who you are on actual dating sites, I have no way of knowing.

Here's the other part: I, personally, do not do online dating. I know it's worked for some people here, but I still find that the best way for me to meet people is to get out and DO things. I'll bet Austin has QUITE a social scene, poly or not, for you to get involved in. To me it's much easier to determine if I'm interested in getting to know someone in person rather than by reading text on a screen. So if websites, dating groups, etc aren't getting you the connections you want, why not go out with your husband and have some fun? Go sing karaoke or paint pottery or take a dance class. You'll get to have a good time with your current partner and if you meet someone interesting, BONUS!
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