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Default Pittsburgh Poly Couple Waves Hello

Hi there folks,

Finding this forum today has been a freekin' GODSEND, seriously, I nearly cried to see this whole thread of folks in our state who are like us. My guy and I tried mono and it didn't work for that we've opened up, things couldn't be better between us (he in his own place and me in mine). The problem, though, is finding like-minded folks who don't judge us, let alone close friends we can become involved with. We just don't even know where to start.

He is SWM 32, straight, I am SWF, 42, bi. We want to form an equilateral triangle (she would NOT be our pet or our toy!!) with a woman but are also open to swinging with couples, where the ladies are both bi and the men are both straight. At this point, he sees me and one other lady (who sees nobody but him), he is my only guy and I also see girls. Our ultimate situation, again, would be a triad with another lady where we are equal with each other and can pair up separately or love all together.

We are clean, honest, kind, open, and honorable. We are goth/geek folks, both good-looking BBW's who are proud of our talents in and outside the bedroom. I like to think we are cool and funny. We love movies, video games, fine food, wine, and adventures. We like to describe ourselves as pirates.

If any of you would like to befriend us, we are very open. If you have advice on how we can get hooked in locally (Pittsburgh) with like-minded people, that would be AMAZING.

Seriously...I am nearly in tears to have found this site because while my guy and I are sooooo happy with the rules we're living by, we feel kind of isolated having only changed our relationship last month and not knowing how to meet up with like-minded folks. Thank you SO MUCH in advance, anyone who reaches out.

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