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Default Pittsburgh Poly Couple Waves Hello

Namaste, kind people!

We are a poly couple (he, 32, straight, me, 42, bi) in Pittsburgh, PA who has had trouble finding understanding. We play by rules that feel right to us, and are happy with our choice to be open, but society doesn't seem to see things that way. Finding others to love has so far been challenging, but we are hoping to change that.

We are geek/goth/gamer folks, who live for a sense of adventure in the moment. He loves his cats, I love my kids (who live with me half the time). We love games, movies, fine food, wines. We are overweight but cute, funny, honest, open, and honorable. We are glorious together and want to share the love. We are hoping to find a welcome here, and if fate permits, friendships that can be deep, intimate and beautiful.

Thank you in advance for welcoming us.
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