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Well, it seems W talked to both L and B, and they both were very apologetic for wanting to do the trip, and cancelled. B told W he is unsure he wants to be with her anymore. I haven't even spoken with him, but it seems he is starting to realize the damage this is doing to our relationship. He may be sensing that W has been untruthful with him about the state of our marriage.

In any event, W called me at work and was even angrier than last night. She is basically upset about my "ultimatum" and is "offering" me a chance for her to be a co-parenting partner with no romantic stuff.

I'm starting to work on the details of the divorce. I don't want a co-parenting roommate. She's toxic, and not fit to be a parent or my wife at this point. I'm going to present a situation where she just provides financial support, moves out, and sees the girls as little as possible.
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