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Wow! Thank you so much for all the useful advice Galagirl. I have browsed through the sites and they really intrigue me. I'm going to pass them on to my loves and see if they will look through them too and maybe we can all come to an agreement on what we want. So far, all I know is that they both want me! I think something my original gf has going for her is her amazing confidence and she has no jealousy issues whatsoever. She knows she is great However myself and the new girl are going to need to work on that! I'm not sure if we will put the breaks on her coming to live with us, and they both seem okay with that idea. I'm just worried it will weird both of them out seeing me with someone else. Emotionally i am truly exhausted right now, but I thnk a lot of that comes from being new to this all. We all are new to it so we aren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. I figure talking through it will not do any harm but to bring us all closer together! Okay to answer some of those questions
Are you staying with first GF because you wish to be with her, or are you staying with her because of habit? - I am definitely staying with her because I adore her completely. She is my everything. We are as compatible as two people can be.
Are you considering polyshipping because you really want to be polyshipping or because you do not want to break up with her?- I am considering this because i've always known it was an option and I finally found another person that I'm willing to share all I have with.
Are you prepared to deal with your jealousy?- I am prepared to deal with it. I believe it's something that can be overcome and it would relieve a great deal of stress for me if I could.

Gosh those questions and links really do help, so so much. I hope it all works out, and I will do my best to make sure it is so. Thank you so much Gala!!! Any other advice or links would be appreciated as well, from anyone else. Thanks ^_^
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