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There are several things you stated which I need to clarify.

If you are willing to work on those and BE HERE in the marriage, is she willing?
Right now she needs time to figure out who she is. We have been actively talking, and have through open and honest communication, continue to work on our relationship, but have decided to explore outside of our marriage for the things she is lacking emotionally, and for myself the exploration of if what I feel towards her is real.

We are different people, with different needs. She is very social, and looks for emotional feelings, where as I am more introverted and in need of more physical, but lately have needed more emotionally.

id you ask for what behaviors she wants you to do/not do? Do you fail to do them or she fails to delineate them or wants you to be a mind reader?

What interpersonal skills do you think you are lacking?
She has always been open with what she has wanted, but I have been too thick-headed to make them sink in. I also don't think that I know how to love. She believes that should come naturally.

This thread continues to be very helpful. Please keep the comments going.
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