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Default New to polyamory

My boyfriend and i are both military which is (for the most part) great for our relationship. I am fairly young and knew he was polyamorous when we began dating but I have never met anyone who was polyamorous before, at least not to my knowledge and i did not have a clear understanding of what that meant. I myself am monogamous. We have talked about our differences many times and he is very open and honest with me. I know he has other crushes and often flirts with other girls but we have an agreement that he will not become intimate with them. I am changing duty stations soon to another country very soon and I'm concerned that without a true understanding of polyamory, I will become even more jealous and inadvertently push him away. I think that my biggest problem is that I'm confused about why he needs the attention of other women. I'm still in the process of finding myself and dealing with the stresses of military life and moving to a new country where I won't know anyone or the language so I really need his support. I don't want to force him into monogamy if it makes him unhappy or feel lacking in some way. I love him very much and I know he's doing everything he can to keep me from being jealous while maintaining total honesty. We are both very physical people so I'm worried that when I leave, he will seek that attention elsewhere. But I also think getting to know someone who is polyamorous would greatly help to adjusting to his lifestyle and learning to make reasonable compromises.
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