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i strongly agree with you i prefer actions because they are the constant that speak more than words do. She has done this multiple times and ive just seen it getting worse. its becoming more angrier on her behalf and i explained to her in order to be here you have to let go of the resentment because she holds alot of it towards our boyfriend since he was with her before meeting me then went with me and now is with both, i have learned to accept the past and not let it haunt my every waking moment because i love him and therfore if im here i can not continue to badger him with anger about it because it will lead us no where. she has all this built up hatred that she needs to tend to pertaining him because me and her wont be able to get closer the way we need to if she continues to feel this way towards him. if she continues to hold that against him it wont be how it should because a simple hug with him and him could spark it up or if she feels he is giving me more attention it will cause a disreuption. i honestly feel that she needs to let go of her possesiveness and jealousy she claims its has left but these actions speak loud she NEEDs more attention and thats not the way it goes, ive been nothing but nice and open with her and i may sound a little mean right now but im tired or being nice. ive let her know too that i wont be taken as a steppiing stool, its like shes here with me because she knows she wont have him to herself so she plays the i dont feel loved card to get him to pay attention to her more and quite frankly im getting tired of it....whats a girl to do in the name of love....but like i have conveyed sometimes love isnt enough to stick it giving this i believe one more shot because if this is how its going to go then this means this is just not going to ever change and again thank you for all your love and support everyone it means alot to me
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