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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Our children aren't old enough for that, so it would be out of our hands and based on a number of factors or solely at the judge's discretion.
If both parents can behave like grown-ups, the courts will never swoop in and take it out of their hands, unless the parents are unfit. At the rate you're going, you are showing signs of being unfit. A parent who deserves an input in their children's lives truly wants what's best for them, and isn't willing to just throw them under the bus as a casualty of war just because talking to the other parent is too uncomfortable.

If you can't communicate like a grown-up, get a mediator. They help you create agreements with the other parent, but without lawyers and judges.

But you're on your crusade and obviously you don't care what anyone thinks but yourself. I only hope your children have the strength of spirit to not be destroyed by your selfishness.
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