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Question Polyamory is hard...

Hello all, I'm new here and I need some advice on this relationship I'm in. Okay first off, I'm 22, I've been with one girlfriend for 8 years now, we are perfect for each other except she is asexual. She has always told me that it would be perfectly fine to start an open or poly relationship, yet this was not something I wanted because generally I'm a very jealous person. Well, it turns out I've met another girl I click with quite well and have somewhat involved her in our relationship. My original gf is okay with this, but she doesn't like my choice in partner. also, she says she doesnt care what I say or do with the new girl, as long as she knows she has my heart... what if I do love the new girl though? My new partner and I have never met irl, however we spend all day talking and being on webcam and we get along really well. Is there any hope that this could work out? The new girl is willing to give my original girl a chance, however since my original girl hasn't shown any interest in her, she thinks there is no room in her heart for her. I feel so divided. I want to make them both happy, give them both all of my attention but idk it's soooo hard. They both want all of my attention. I feel like I'll never be able to make them both happy at the same time. This new girl is coming to move in with us in a few months and I'm so worried about how things will turn out. Another problem I'm having right now is extreme jealousy. What if the two of them do end up liking each other? I don't think that would hurt me unless it seemed like they wanted to spend more time with each other than me, is this normal for someone new to poly relationships? the idea of having a 'primary' and a 'secondary' makes me feel awful.. how will I ever be able to keep these ladies happy? I'm sure I have more to rant about but I'm in class right now... anyone have any advice for this situation? I'm stressing so bad over all of this, between work, school, and these ladies I have no time to think or do anything anymore!
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