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Matt, I'm not trying to get rid of you, but why are you still posting here? I mean, what are the reasons you continue to come here and post, post advice in other threads that the person needs to slow down, etc.

Why do you not take your own advice as you gave to someone else in another thread?

What is the reason you keep posting here if you are so sure you know what's best for you and are ready to "leap" into action?

I'm glad for you that you figured out what you want and have a plan in place to achieve it. The reason I had a problem with your situation at first was because you were saying certain things when you meant the exact opposite, expecting people to KNOW that you meant the exact opposite of what you said. It seems you have stopped that and can move forward now.

But I will ask again - if you are sure of everything now, what is the reason you continue to post here? If you DO NOT WANT TO BE IN A POLY RELATIONSHIP (ELEVENTY!!11~), then why are you on a forum for people in poly relationships, or for mono people who want to work it out with their poly partner? I am not telling you you shouldn't, I just want to know what your reasons are, and am certain other people are wondering the same thing.. I have seen people ask this a couple times already and you have ignored the question (or maybe I overlooked it, if so, would you link to the answer? I get people mixed up sometimes).
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