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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Ahhhhhhhh, so, this weekend it'd been a month since my formal split from Davis, so I went ahead and updated my OKC profile, not intending to do anything with it per se, just to update it. But then I happened to find a cute, smart, musically-inclined, queer kinky poly somewhat-genderqueer guy who's a ridiculously good match with me by OKC's algorithms. I messaged him, and now we have a coffee date next week, how did this happen, I don't go on dates with strangers, not ever, I just hook up with my friends or occasionally really cool people I meet at parties and sometimes it turns into a relationship, what even, dates with a stranger from the internet, what. He told me today that his partner was teasing him about being excited about the date, seems like a good sign.
I get your aversion to online dating. In my imagination, my dating life would consist entirely of hopping into bed with friends and meeting cool people while doing fun things; but in reality, it's been over 6 years since I met anyone NOT through online dating.

But sometimes the algorithm really does work.
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