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I should just take divorce off the table until they're 18 and away at university. I can't do that. That's like another spin on staying for the kids.

I could see if I was the one calling all the shots as far as their education and their futures, but I wasn't. I could see if I had went behind her back and decided we would move and there was nothing she could say, but I didn't. Everything was discussed between us. We put a year's worth of research into it. In the end, we mutually agreed on a school that would best suit our child's personality and her needs. If she had any doubts, she should have voiced them before we had set everything in motion to move. Don't change now because somebody you view as being part of the family (her girlfriend) has doubts when in reality nobody asked her to uproot her life. That's my issue with that situation.

My kids come first in everything. That's the biggest driving force for me even trying to find a solution that would allow the family to stay together. If my wife and I didn't have kids, I probably wouldn't be there now. I'd still try to save my marriage, but I wouldn't have two little people who I'm responsible and accountable for. I owe it to them, if no one else, to put forth effort to attempt to save this. I have to take their feelings into account and remember what's best for them. Mummy and daddy arguing or not even talking to each other? That wasn't what was best for them, so I removed myself from the situation to give everyone some breathing room.
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