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/e also ponders what kind of response she'd get on OKC if her only requirement was "no axe murdering"

I hope the date is awesome, but even if it doesn't work out, if you end up "looking" as opposed to just "open to whatever shows up" I love OKC (to axe murdering depths) and although it's not always perfect, it's still really a great place to stretch your talking to totally random people social skills at, and meet potential friends!

Side note, thanks for linking to Gia's blog post. Some of her words came at a crucial time for me, and were appropriate to pass along to a partner for support too. AND your recent posts/tumblr were impetus to point out to my husband I'd love my partners to take turns marking me with hickeys, scratches and bruises in some sort of cooperative tic tac toe game. Le sigh.
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