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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Yes, custody disputes can get ugly. Divorces can drag on. They're a part of life.
Ugly custody disputes with divorces that drag on are NOT a normal part of life.

My parents got divorced when I was a teenager. It was amicable and relatively painless. They both agreed that the marriage was unhealthy, they both truly wanted what was best for me, and they both made sure to upset my life as little as possible. That's what loving parents do.

Parents who treat their children as pawns in their "I'm going to get you before you get me" bullshit don't deserve to be parents.

You signed up for a poly relationship. Take some fucking responsibility for that and don't drag your kids into your tornado of misery. They didn't sign up for any of this. So you fucked up and made a mistake? That's fine, you're human. But now that you know better, start acting like a grown-up and drop the selfish "I'll do what I want, no matter who gets hurt" crap.
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