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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
Bella I am in the exact same place you are talking about with my current partner who is poly. If you ever want to talk message me =)
I consider myself to be in a poly relationship even though i am new to polyamory because my partner is poly and i am open to it, and sometimes wish i could have another partner, but again, I am satisfied with just having one. This place is a great resource, it can be really confusing, I am new to this too and find myself getting tangled up in termonology or questioning if what I feel is right or "normal" but ive come to find anything you feel is in fact normal and you will most likely find people who feel or experience the exact same things you do on here. =)
Yeah, even in the couple of days that I've been posting, I've felt so accepted and "normal". Most of my friends and family do not understand poly at all and are very closed off to even discussing it - for them, it equates cheating and is morally wrong. Finally finding people who understand and won't judge has been wonderful!
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