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Smile Hello from a new member!

Hey all...My name is Brittany, and I am Brittarded :P

I have joined this site in the hopes of finding support and advice (as well as lending helping and supportive words to others where I can as well) regarding polyamorous relationships.

This has mostly been an act of desperation - not many people I know personally are keen on polyamorous relationships and of those (like me) who happen to just "be" a little more "poly", or happen to have serious romantic, emotional relationships with more than one partner - and I find that I need to open up to people who could understand and relate and give their help. I have struggles that I simply can't deal with entirely on my own - I need to hear other opinions and suggestions to get a more rounded view.

I've begun exploring polyamory by the suggestion of one of my boyfriends, who observed this "difference" in my personality. It has been about 2 years that I've really been trying to get all this multiple relationship stuff figured out - and I know that will never cease to exist - I will forever be trying to figure out relationships; we all will.

So, I look forward to sharing with you all, and being shared with.
Thanks for reading :]
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