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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi Jasmine,
Well, I'm sorry if that hit a tender spot with you.
I was concerned about Duane, and still am. I haven't seen Duane post again. Duane asked about polyamory being "out of the will of God." Your reply was about the validity of religious organizations. I am concerned about Duane's reaction, based on what I remember of my own experience.

Whenever I find myself in/leaning towards a defensive posture over anything short of a physical threat, I immediately try to identify what belief it is I hold that seems threatened and try to analyze what it would mean if that belief turned out to be a false - or maybe incomplete - one.
It takes practice to get to that place, and very few of us can start there right off the bat. The more conservative the starting place, the more difficult it is allow one's beliefs to be challenged. We have to take them in small steps, one carefully chosen bit at a time, as we are ready for them. Duane had already chosen the area he wanted to work on -- the will of God. It's not up to us to challenge him with other areas that he hasn't indicated he is ready for.
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